Exploring Depth

Growing up I often heard things like, “you are too emotional”, “people that think that way are fools”, “you have no sense of humor”, and “just be happy and things will turn around.” I heard it so often that sometimes I say these graceless things to myself, and that’s where the real work remains. Sound familiar?

A dear friend visiting from far away taught me about mercy earlier this month. She cracked my heart wide open and let me be me for a few hours, and that reminded me that there are other humans out there doing the work. It often feels very lonely and isolating in these necessary caves. So the post today is just a reminder that we all have the capacity to feel deeply, and there is no reason to be ashamed of who we are. ❤

Sending love to all the parts of you that you’re still collecting and integrating. I’m here doing the work too. We got this. 💪

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