May’s Maternal Mental Health Month

Every Monday for the past 6 years I have joined a group of women to process, to share, and to give support to one another. Even during a pandemic. From my closet. With my own box of tissues.⁣

It was with them that I learned that my story is not unlike that of many other struggles that women go through…mine just came to me in a box labeled MOTHEROOD.⁣

Many of us are sensitive to the cascade of hormones that flood our bodies in a regular month. Add pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding to that mix and it can be disastrous. Women’s health has been one of the last frontiers of science in many ways, mostly because we have not had much time to champion our causes from the classrooms, the pulpits, or the boardrooms.⁣

For my daughter and future generations, I know that will change.⁣

But what about mothers now? How can we make our voices be heard for ourselves and for the voiceless? I would recommend you begin following accounts on Instagram like: ⁣
@shadesofblueproject @projectrowhouses⁣
@thebluedotprj @womensmentalhealthdoc

These groups have inspired me to tell my story, to uplift the voices of the voiceless, and to believe that no mother has to hold her 3 month old hopeless, afraid, and ashamed. ⁣

Help can be affordable, accessible, and equitable. And our generation can make that happen. Much love ❤⁣


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